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Sims 4: 10 Challenges Players Can Do To Revitalize The Game

Electronic Arts keeps on surprising fans with new Sims 4 content packs and content releases, the latest of which, Werewolves, came out just at the beginning of June.

For almost ten years, Sims 4 has been a cornerstone of the simulation gaming industry. Its new features, stunning graphics, and constant updates help the game’s popularity. The number of players who have grown tired of the game, however, has also been increasing. But, in a community of players so diverse, a lot of simmers have been trying to come up with colorful challenges to renew the gameplay.

When the Dogs & Cats pack was released, Simmers Hatsy, Steph0sims, and lilsimsie came up with this challenge to up the gameplay. Essentially, gamers have to create a Brindleton Bay household with one Sim, a wolf pack of six dogs, and one evil raccoon.

This Sim must live off the land by collecting, fishing, gardening, and sending their dogs to hunt. The funniest part is that the raccoon functions as the challenge’s timer, so the difficulty is up to the player who will have to choose the animal’s age. Besides, it adds an extra spice to the experience, since, according to its creators, it “doesn’t really do anything other than [making players’ lives] miserable”.

As the name indicates, this challenge’s goal is to survive as a homeless Sim. The character starts out with a total of zero simoleons, and they have to survive without a job and without owning a house. There are a few versions of this challenge with different, additional rules that must be strictly followed.

The Sim may never have a job, earning money for food through collecting or fishing, for example, or they must have specific traits. Because it is not the usual “from rags to riches” storyline, players seem to enjoy the added layer of difficulty of having no way to get rich quick in the game even more.

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