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Sims began playing The Sims when she was 12 and became particularly interested in the game after her father was diagnosed with cancer when she was 14. Sims has attributed the game with helping her cope with her father’s diagnosis, using it as an “escape”.

Sims has a younger brother and sister, Brett and Shanna.

Sims married fellow streamer Dan Grenander on August 25, 2021. Previously, Grenander had moved to the United States to live with her in July 2021 on a K1 Fiance Visa, after living in the United Kingdom. They applied for a K1 Visa in February 2020. Grenander streams on Twitch under the name “duckdan” and uploads to his associated YouTube channel under the same name. Grenander often plays games such as Dead by Daylight, Fall Guys and Minecraft. They often play games together, such as Mario Kart, Among Us and Fall Guys. They live in Oviedo, Florida. Blog

Lilsimsie Merch

Lilsimsie Net Worth – $3.2 Million

Lilsimsie is a YouTube content creator from Chicago, Illinois whose real name is Kayla Marie Sims. She has an estimated net worth of $3.2 million. Her content is mainly gaming videos of the popular game known as The Sims 4, a simulation video game published by Electronic Arts. She does daily building challenges, speed builds and let’s plays.

Kayla was raised alongside her younger siblings by the names, Shanna and Brett. Her father suffered from multiple myeloma and this made her have to stay with her grandparents a large amount of time. This is when she started playing The Sims. She started her YouTube channel when she was in high school. She joined the University of Central Florida in 2017 where she majored in digital media but later changed to history.